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Computer Power Plus offers self-paced and flexible learning environment

If you are interested in a career in Information Technology, Computer Power Plus offers a broad cross section of NZQA approved qualifications which are highly regarded within the ICT Industry and underpinned by globally recognised IT Vendor Certifications.

Computer Power Plus offers a unique self- paced and flexible learning environment with skilled and qualified staff available to support you in achieving your personal study and career goals.

The level of flexibility made available to students by Computer Power Plus, means that students may choose to study full time or part time on a personalized schedule negotiated at the time of enrolment. Many students choose to work and study at the same time.

In addition to technical IT training, Computer Power Plus provides a highly successful employment placement service to students. The organisation prides itself on placing 90 percent of eligible graduates into employment.

2012 Computer Power Plus graduate Dylan Sweetensen sums up his exper-ience as follows:

“I am a recent graduate of Computer Power Plus. Before coming to Computer Power Plus I had just completed a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Philosophy and thought it was time for a change in direction with a Diploma in Software Development.

“I have always loved technology and computers and for a long time had considered getting into the IT industry. The self-paced learning model at Computer Power Plus was quite different from the lecture-based delivery style that I had become accustomed to at Victoria University but I picked it up fast. I found myself becoming increasingly enthusiastic and was able to progress through the course very quickly.

“Within five months I had completed all but a concurrent element. It just so happened that the day I finished my last module of my Diploma was also the day I officially graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree. This is an accomplishment that I am very proud of.

“After graduating with my Diploma, I heard through a friend that there was some unpaid work available at a Silverstripe based Web Development Company. I was happy to volunteer my time and this opportunity helped me learn more about php and the Silverstripe CMS. This ultimately lead to me being offered full time employment as a Junior Developer.

“I am thoroughly enjoying working with the Company and I am extremely grateful to the team at Computer Power Plus for their help and guidance in finding my career path.”

Another successful graduate from Computer Power Plus, didn’t actually make it out of the doors when he graduated. He was such a good student they decided they wanted to keep him. His testimony is as follows:

“My name is Hayden Ashton and I am a recent Software Development graduate from Computer Power Plus. I came to CPP after completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration at Victoria University. I studied a couple of introductory computer science papers during my degree and found them to be really interesting. I really enjoy having the ability to take an idea and implement it in a computer program. I decided to get into IT because I had always been interested in computers and technology.

“I chose to study at CPP because of the flexibility that they offer to their students. This allowed me to work full-time while studying and avoid accruing a huge student loan. My Diploma included topics ranging from PC fundamentals to creating database backed web applications. I found the compulsory professional development program to be invaluable. I learned interview skills and CV preparation techniques that helped me land my first IT job.

“I really enjoyed every moment of my time studying at Computer Power Plus and would recommend it to anyone wanting to enter the IT industry. The Instructors were a huge help and I could not have learnt so much so quickly and achieved the excellent results that I did without their support.

“A position as an Instructor opened up when I was nearing the end of my course. I applied and was offered the role. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had as a result of my study here and can’t wait to see what’s next.”

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