Telecom Wholesale's rivals offer faster services

Commerce Commission reports on broadband quality

Unbundled plans - that is a broadband service from an ISP that has put in its own equipment into an exchange - provide web browsing speeds that are faster than plans from Telecom Wholesale, according to a Commerce Commission audit of broadband from January to June 2010, released today.

“By the end of the period, DSL plans utilising local loop unbundling were providing national web browsing speeds that were around 20 percent faster than Telecom Wholesale supplied plans offered by the same ISPs,” the report reads.

The report uses data from Epitiro’s ISP-I platform. This consists of 11 test sites in five cities, running measurements every 15 minutes on each of the ISPs tested. The five main national providers – Telecom, TelstraClear, Vodafone, Slingshot, Orcon – are tested at all five sites. TelstraClear’s cable broadband service is tested separately and seven second-tier and regional ISPs are tested at a lesser number of sites.

Other key findings in the report were that Vodafone’s service has improved, particularly in Auckland where it registered the best national web browsing service. TelstraClear’s cable broadband shows, “materially faster national browsing speeds than DSL broadband in test locations where it is available”. And web browsing performance is best in Auckland.

“The report shows a continuing reduction in variability of web browsing speeds over the course of the day. Internet availability is also improving, with downtime reduced,” says Ross Patterson, Telecommunications Commissioner. “The report also shows the benefits of local loop unbundling which continues to provide greater choice and better services for consumers.”

The full report can be downloaded here.

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