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Konica Minolta New Zealand adopts Skybot solution

At Konica Minolta, Tony Day, General Manager Service, has been able to significantly reduce operational overheads by adopting Skybot’s advanced job scheduling and automation capabilities.

“We monitor over 20,000 copiers and printers on behalf of customers up and down New Zealand, across 14 branches, with 350 staff. We have over 400 business processes scheduled to ensure we deliver,” says Day.

“We and our customers cannot afford any downtime. Any hiccup in any process at any time can play havoc with our very tight timeframes. Business process automation plays a large part of our successful operation. By scheduling repetitive tasks in Skybot, we know that those processes will occur on time, every time, at the appropriate time.

“A large number of those processes are complicated - multiple dependent tasks running in sequence across multiple servers. Not only does Skybot handle that with ease,” continues Day, “but all of our critical business processes and their dependencies can be viewed from the Skybot dashboard and are continuously monitored. We can now focus on our users and customers instead of our processes. As a result, we have been able to reduce our operational overheads in one particular business area alone by 50 percent.”

Tony is a man under constant pressure who appreciates the convenience and peace-of-mind that high reliability provides. “Skybot doesn’t get sick, resign or forget,” he says. “Skybot’s reliable automation allows us to rest assured that daily operations are under control - and we can focus on continuously improving those processes and offerings.”

Skybot, a comprehensive job scheduling, monitoring and workload automation solution sold and supported by Cosyn, can help you manage your increasingly complex operations from a single web-based dashboard.

“The overwhelming advantage of Skybot is that is delivers cross-server, cross-platform, calendar-aware scheduling and visibility - a glaring shortfall in virtually all of today’s affordable workload automation solutions,” says Trevor Middleton, Director of Cosyn, one of New Zealand’s most experienced IT process management companies. “In today’s multi-server virtualised environments traditional single-server job schedulers have reached their limit. Skybot has been purpose-built to run and monitor tasks and services across applications, servers and operating systems.”

Skybot can affordably reduce your IT effort without programming when setting up repetitive tasks and it is calendar-aware to react differently to holidays and non-work days. The overall result is increased business process reliability. Skybot will monitor tasks and services across your whole environment, alerting you to any potential disruptions before they have any adverse effects. This gives your IT team the confidence to focus on going forward, without having to be sucked back in to daily operation failures.

Free trial: See (and save) for yourself

The team at Cosyn are so confident that you too can benefit from Skybot that they are offering a 30-day no obligation free trial. If you:

• Look after multiple servers, virtual or physical

• Run Microsoft SQL Server or Unix-based tasks

• Rely on mission-critical enterprise applications

• Host web-based services.

Then you should call Cosyn today. Skybot can be downloaded, set up and running in less than a day. Considering Skybot’s comprehensive functionality, the actual implementation is very easy.

Contact Cosyn today for a demonstration, free trial, or request a download from www.skybotsoftware.co.nz. Or view the scheduling demonstration videos on YouTube (SKYBOT).


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