Ellen: 'The people at Apple didn't think it was so funny'

Talk show host/comic Ellen Degeneres apologies to Apple

Talk show host/comic Ellen Degeneres has apologised to Apple after the company let it be known it wasn't laughing at an iPhone spoof she ran on her program this week.

"I thought it was funny, a bunch of people thought it was funny," she says. "You know who didn't think it was funny? The people at Apple didn't think it was so funny."

Degeneres, who in the video fumbles around on the touchscreen trying to send a message, apologised for making the iPhone look hard to use and noted that she loves her iPad, iPod and even iHop.

The joke video comes in advance of Apple's next-generation iPhone, called the 4G by some, which many think will debut at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June. Apple will look for its new smartphone to help stave off competition from vendors selling Android phones.

The Degeneres episode follows in the wake of last week's Apple scolding by Daily Show host Jon Stewart, which came on the heels of the Apple/Gizmodo lost/stolen next-generation iPhone incident. Stewart acknowledged his love for Apple while ranting against the company:

"Apple — you guys were the rebels, man, the underdogs. People believed in you. But now, are you becoming the man? Remember back in 1984, you had those awesome ads about overthrowing Big Brother? Look in the mirror, man! Or actually just look into the screen of your iPad before you turn it on, because it is surprisingly reflective…It wasn't supposed to be this way. Microsoft was supposed to be the evil one. But you guys are busting down doors in Palo Alto while Commandant Gates is ridding the world of mosquitoes! What the [expletive] is going on?! It's all mixed up!"

Claims of Big Brother like behaviour have also fuelled speculation of a possible antitrust suit against Apple by the Department of Justice or Federal Trade Commission.

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