The top 7 underreported tech stories of 2008

Seven slow burning tech stories that deserve attention

Did you know that a vicious price war is threatening to upset the wholesale bandwidth market? If you didn't, you might not be prepared when your provider is "de-peered," leaving your website as isolated as a tiny Pacific atoll. Or maybe you haven't heard much about application virtualisation, a technology that could change the way you manage networks of PCs.

There's a huge amount of noise out there, and it often obscures the quiet little stories that could help IT work more efficiently and more profitably. And with 2009 shaping up to be exceptionally difficult, we want to help you gain every bit of competitive advantage.

Our staff reporters, editors, and contributors have taken a hard look at 2008 and come up with a list of seven important IT stories that you might have missed with all the attention this year on the iPhone 3G, the Windows XP/Vista/7 transition, cloud computing, server virtualisation, the growth of Macs in business, finding power savings and and rising pressures on IT. We think you'll find them enjoyable, perhaps provocative, and above all useful. Happy New Year!

The top 7 underreported tech stories of 2008:

No. 1: Datacentre space prices are rising despite the recession

No. 2: A bad mobile web spells opportunities

No. 3: Broadband reliability under threat

No. 4: Application virtualization's overshadowed promise

No. 5: Social networking in business is getting real (really)

No. 6: Broadband over power line is back from the dead

No. 7: Women don't want to be in IT, despite all the efforts to entice them

Flashback: 2007's top underreported tech stories

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