Vector still in datacentre business, despite Orcon’s departure

Vector Communications is seeking a new tenant for its Northcote datacentre

Vector Communications is still in the datacentre business, the company says — even as its main tenant, ISP Orcon, packs up its servers and goes.

Vector Communications is seeking a new tenant for its Northcote, Auckland, datacentre, after Orcon shifted its hosting and datacentre customers to a new nearby facility this week.

Vector insists it is still seeking datacentre and hosting customers, and expects to encounter no problems finding another business to fill the space Orcon has vacated.

“Vector Communications has a good ongoing relationship with Orcon, as a channel partner and customer. They were never partners in the datacentre hosting, but had their servers based at our datacentre,” Maxine Elliott, general manager for Vector Communications, told Computerworld last week.

She says Vector and Orcon are working together to drive new opportunities in the business market, and the tele-centre “continues to be an important part of our business and provides key services to Vector electricity and other key customers.”

The tele-centre has been hit by a series of technical issues recently. This year it has experienced problems with overheating and was brought down by a power failure in late February. At the time, several customers told Computerworld they were going to vote with their feet and make new hosting arrangements.

Power failed after a truck hit a pole carrying an 11,000 volt power line.

Over the last six months, Vector Communications says, the company has installed a new 44 kVa air-conditioning unit, as well as a new switchboard to manage the power load more efficiently.

“Vector has also reviewed its backup generation-testing programme and is confident that all issues have been resolved,” the company says.

Orcon will launch its new datacentre, which it says it expects to be full by the end of the year, on Tuesday.

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