Unisys denies ACC claimant data is going offshore to India

Nothing goes offshore without a serious review of the security risks, says Unisys managing director

Concern about claimant data going offshore has led the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) to seek an assurance from IT outsourcer Unisys.

An anonymous email received by Computerworld led the ACC to seek assurance data was not being sent offshore.

“We have an agreement with Unisys that they have to get prior approval to send anything offshore,” says ACC programme manager Bob Walton.

“We’d seen the email and sought and got that assurance.”

What had gone to India was data to prepare performance metrics and subsequent reports, he says.

Unisys is keen to make the point that it has a multi-national services strategy.

“It’s not one-way and it’s not about the cheapest price,” says New Zealand managing director Brett Hodgson. “It’s about the right location to conduct the work.”

He says, for example, that Unisys currently has someone on the ground in the UK looking for financial work to bring back to New Zealand.

Hodgson wasn’t prepared to name the government customers whose performance work was going offshore — the email suggests the others are the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, and, potentially, the Inland Revenue Department. But, he says, it is specifically about performance metrics and report writing.

“They [India] are supplied with data but don’t have access [to the customers’ networks]. Nothing goes offshore without a serious review of the security risks,” Hodgson says.

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