Thin client system could be option

Thin client technology could comfortably equip the new 'Kiwibank', argue its proponents.

Thin client technology could comfortably equip the new "Kiwibank", argue its proponents.

A thin client system is a low-cost, centrally managed network in which most of the technology is delivered from the server rather than being installed on the devices of the end user.

Top-of-mind concerns for bank IT managers will be security, centralised network administration, optimising bandwidth access and the choosing of platforms and end-user devices.

Citrix NZ business development manager Andrew Cashmore says thin client technology, such as his company’s MetaFrame XP, can provide centralised management, security and minimum bandwith access to any device over the network.

Auckland District Law Society uses MetaFrame to provide remote users with up-to-date information from 100 databases. The servers are based in Auckland and users at 11 society libraries can access data through a virtual private network. The society can access High Court rulings, test case results and sentencing guidelines. Even with a narrow bandwith, the performance is high, Cashmore says.

Similar technology could ensure remote access to centralised IT resources for branches and customers.

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