INSIGHT: Evolving from segmentation to personalisation

“Highly relevant, personalised experiences are the new norm in today’s connected world."

As consumers become more educated and empowered, they are demanding more immersive experiences from their favourite brands and retailers.

“Highly relevant, personalised experiences are the new norm in today’s connected world,” says Matt Calderwood, CEO Retail Solutions, UXC Eclipse.

“However, retailers are struggling to get more granular in their data collection strategies and create more comprehensive profiles of individual customers.

“Omni-channel success is all about delivering a message that is consistent across all channels to your customers.

“Multichannel is in the past and we need to start moving forward with the right retail systems and technology to enable a consistent omni-channel approach.”

To ensure omni-channel success, Calderwood says retailers need a platform to enable a single source of truth - this means one integrated supply chain so, whether customers are shopping online, via mobile or in-store, they can see where a product is available and have it delivered through any channel.

Most importantly, Calderwood believes retailers need to start collecting data about their customers across a multitude of touch points.

Combining these insights into a single, integrated platform, is the only way retailers can learn who their customer is and in turn, improve marketing and engagement strategies.

“By gathering omni-channel data and running it through analytics, retailers can get a 360-degree view of customers to understand how each customer is unique,” Calderwood adds.

“From there they can learn how they should be treated based on their behaviour and anticipate how they’ll react to different events and promotions.

“To effectively capture customer eyes and dollars, retailers need to understand them on a more granular level, and deliver products, services and messages based on their overall loyalty and level of engagement.

“Customer preferences are changing on a day-to-day basis. As a result, it is more important than ever for retailers to keep a pulse on what their customers are saying, and which campaigns and initiatives they’re responding to most favourably.”

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