INSIGHT: Why are 95 per cent of Private Clouds failing?

“I was a little surprised that 95 per cent said something was wrong with their private Cloud."

During the close of 2014, Tom Bittman, analyst, Gartner, identified ten reasons why private Clouds were failing.

Less than two months later, the analyst has consolidated that list to six items, polling attendees at Gartner’s Datacenter Conference in Las Vegas in December.

Interviewing 140 respondents who had private Clouds in place, Bittman asked the question “What is going wrong with your private Cloud?”

“I was a little surprised that 95 per cent said something was wrong with their private Cloud,” he observes.

According to Bittman’s snapshot of the market, the reasons why private Clouds are failing are as follows:

Focusing on the wrong benefits: Internal, bottom-line, or not putting the right metrics in place. (Usually, this is focusing on cost-savings, not agility).

Doing too little: Is this really Cloud? Or just virtualisation? And what about the stuff running inside the VMs?

Defending I&O — and doing too much: Optimising for everything means optimising for nothing.

Failure to change the operational model: Agile clouds need agile processes — and people are your biggest supporters, or your biggest roadblocks.

Failure to change the funding model: When you build a drive-thru service model, you better get paid first.

Using the wrong technologies: What’s tactically right might be strategically wrong.

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