INSIGHT: Tough times don’t last, but tough businesses do

In New Zealand, what does "tough" mean in the digital age?

The English cricket team is definitely going through some tough times - with a lot of pressure on their captain Eoin Morgan.

But, as Brendon McCullum said about his friend Morgan in a recent interview "tough times don't last, but tough blokes do”.

I thought this was a great message to put things in perspective; and one that applies to businesses as well.

So, what does "tough" mean in the digital age?

Businesses are becoming more reliant on technology to be able to operate efficiently - or even to operate at all.

So when thinking about how to make your business tougher, your IT environment needs to be a big part of that.

Tough: Strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough handling - Oxford Dictionary

Strong enough (and agile enough)

Strength in your technology environment means having robust and resilient platforms and processes.

But as well as being "strong enough" there is a real need for businesses to be agile. Being able to quickly move when digital conditions change is vital to protect yourself.

Reduce single points of failure; so failure of any individual hardware components won't affect your business operations. This includes IT hardware and also the power, cooling and connectivity they rely on.

Invest in agile technology platforms to get scale and flexibility when you need it. Premium cloud platforms are built with excellent strength and resilience, without you having to own it.

Adopt end-to-end, managed security solutions to encompass your applications, data, devices and networks; keeping you safe from the ever changing security threats.

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