Wellington joins the dots to find beauty in Big Data

"Big data can be too big, too daunting. Businesses are drowning in data – they can’t see the real insights that matter."

Newly-created Wellington agency DOTlovesdata is taking a unique approach to the big data phenomenon by using data to create compelling “stories” that benefit business.

A mashup of creatives and data scientists, DOTlovesdata specialises in matching raw data smarts with storytelling to power performance.

DOTlovesdata co-founder Jason Wells said the biggest issue facing businesses wanting to get more out of big data was turning insights into action.

“There’s a disconnect between data and decision-making," Well says. "Big data can be too big, too daunting.

"Businesses are drowning in data – they can’t see the real insights that matter. We’re joining the dots to translate data into a story – something that resonates – and presenting it in beautiful ways.

"Unless data is brought to the fore and presented in a compelling way, people won’t take notice.”

Wells says DOTlovesdata’s blending of data science and creative storytelling has inspired a "new and unique" take on big data.

“The process of collecting and analysing data often takes too long and the insights delivered are too vague," he adds.

"When businesses get mired in process they usually aren’t in a position to respond to changing circumstances and opportunities quickly.

"So we’ve specialised in what we call ‘smart data’ combined with smart storytelling to allow businesses to make smart decisions."

Wells says DOTlovesdata is also busting the myth that data alone should drive decisions.

“We’ve always been in the currency of gut feel and ideas in our careers in marketing and advertising," he adds. “Big data is powerful but it’ll never replace ideas – it simply means you’ve got better insights to guide ideas.”

Another key point of difference for Wells is DOTlovesdata’s business model.

“We’re a product business, not a service business,” he explains. "We’ve built eight B2B products to date, which we’ll be taking offshore soon, and more will be coming online.”

The products themselves are tailored to a range of specific business needs, from identifying which customers are the most connected to giving companies early warnings on customers thinking of leaving.

But the way in which the data was interpreted and presented remained the crucial aspect of all the products, Wells claims.

“It all comes back to telling the story – simplifying the data that’s been collected, analysing it and presenting it a way that’s visually engaging," he adds.

“CEOs, CFOs, these people tend to be time-poor, so they need to see what the data is telling them and be able to make decisions very, very quickly."

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