In NZ, is Data King? Do mobile phones have a new calling?

Across New Zealand, 50% of Generation Ys believe data is more important to them than any of the phone’s other communications functions.

Across New Zealand, 50% of Generation Ys believe data is more important to them than any of the phone’s other communications functions.

A new survey by consumer satisfaction company Canstar Blue shows that the way we use mobile phones is changing, with nearly a third (32%) of Aucklanders feel the same way about their data, ranking it higher than calling or texting in their priorities.

However, more than one in five Kiwis (21%) don’t actually know how much data they use each month.

“Baby boomers are the age group most out of touch with their data use,” says says Derek Bonnar, General Manager, Canstar New Zealand.

“It’s important that New Zealanders are savvy about matching their plan with their data use.

“A lot of money could be lost in exceeding plan limits and having to purchase top up data packs, or in paying extra for a higher data allowance than they are really getting through.”

Snooping on your spouse?

The temptation to spy on one’s nearest and dearest is strongest for Gen Ys, as close to one fifth (19%) have been caught looking through their partner’s phone, or caught their partner looking through theirs.

It would seem that the older we get, the more trusting we become as Gen Xs (16%) and Baby Boomers (5%) are much less likely to spy on their partner’s mobile phone activity.

“But Gen Ys, may be on the road to becoming more trusting as snooping rates have dropped since 2013 (26%),” Bonnar adds.

Driving dangerously

Also under the microscope are Kiwis’ mobile phone habits while driving, showing that 9% of New Zealanders regularly talk or text while on the roads, with 3% stopped by police for doing so.

Gen Ys (19%) were shown to have the most dangerous texting/talking while driving habits compared to Baby Boomers (3%).

However, the anti-texting while driving message may be starting to resonate as there has been a slight decrease in this behaviour since the previous survey in 2013 (2013: 11%, 2015: 9%)

Not on the weekends, Boss

Twenty eight per cent of Kiwis have a mobile phone they use for work calls. Men (34%) are more likely than women (22%) to have a second phone for work purposes.

Close to a quarter (24%) of those with a work phone switch it off after hours and on the weekends, with Cantabrians the most likely of those surveyed (29%) to leave work for office hours.

Canstar asked both pre-pay and plan customers to rate their provider on:

1. Value for money

2. Customer service

3. Accessibility of the provider

4. Billing

5. Network coverage

6. Overall satisfaction with the mobile phone provider

This year, Skinny Mobile came out on top for the pre-paid survey and 2degrees took away the top spot for the plan providers.

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