INSIGHT: Top 5 benefits of workforce management in the cloud

"Organisations of all sizes are transitioning to the cloud and reaping the benefits of innovation, flexibility and ease of use."

Without proper cloud-based workforce management, Kiwi organisations may miss out on the latest functional enhancements, advances in usability, performance and security.

As a result, workforce management solutions in the cloud, will give managers better tools to organise staff, costs and boost productivity of current employees.

"Organisations of all sizes are transitioning to the cloud and reaping the benefits of innovation, flexibility and ease of use," says Leslie Tarnacki, VP and GM, WFS: A WorkForce Software Company.

Consequently, WFS Australia outlines five reasons to deploy workforce management in the cloud:

1 - Continuous innovation: Cloud deployment of workforce management solutions keeps organisations at the forefront of best practices with access to easy-to-understand, incremental updates.

The latest functional and security improvements are automatically available in the cloud, free of charge and without the challenges typical of on-premise installations.

2 - Worry-free administration:

Cloud-deployed solutions run in highly-secure, constantly monitored networks of data centres to ensure a smooth user experience and guaranteed up-time.

Without having to worry about the back-end, organisations have more time to focus on their core business.

3 - Predictable costs:

Software as a Service (SaaS) fees are more predictable and protect the business from unexpected costs that can jeopardise budgets.

Cloud deployment also means there is no need to purchase new hardware systems or have additional internal resources to manage software updates.

3 - Expansion on demand: A scalable, enterprise-grade host environment gives businesses the flexibility to grow and adapt to change over time.

Cloud-deployed solutions are often highly configurable and let organisations easily add new employees and locations when needed.

Preparing for the unexpected by having the option to expand on demand is far better than redesigning your business from scratch, or worse, stunting your own growth.

4 - Anywhere-access: A cloud-based solution lets users log in from any web-enabled device without being limited by browser or the need to install plug-ins and applications.

This boosts workplace flexibility and productivity by letting employees access data remotely and at any time – where they see a consistent instance of the software they are using.

Cloud deployment opens up the workplace from being the traditional office space to anywhere the individual employee finds themselves.

"We know that some employees are more productive at home in their own space," Tarnacki adds, "so being able to give them that flexibility to choose the best environment for them is not only great for their work-life balance, but also the overall efficiency of the business."

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