Windows 10: A digital workers dream in NZ?

Three ways Windows 10 is great for the digital worker - and three questions still to answer.

Digital transformation will blur the lines between work and play. A digital worker won’t be tied to a desk, but instead use technology to be productive anywhere.

For me currently, working anywhere involves 3 different operating systems - Android, IOS and Windows devices used on a daily basis. This means I can’t be completely productive everywhere as my devices have different capabilities.

On July 29th, Microsoft say that Windows 10 will change that - and more. I've been exploring what it will mean for the digital worker of the future.

Three ways Windows 10 helps Digital Workers

1. Free upgrades to Windows 10 - and beyond

On Tuesday I noticed a notification on my Windows 8 tablet that I could register for my free upgrade on July 29th – and on my Windows 7 desktop too. This is a big tick in the box for having consistency across those devices.

Not only that, it could be the last big Windows upgrade I ever have to do. Microsoft have called Windows 10 “the last version of Windows” and that it would continue to support it in an “ongoing manner” with “incremental updates”.

2. Flexible options to access your digital world

Windows 10 finally runs the same apps on every device. There isn’t a special version for mobile devices anymore and devices like the Surface Pro 3 are gaining maturity.

Windows 10 even works with the X-Box for broadcasting multi-media and the HoloLens to project a holographic interface. Which might seem a bit gimmicky, but with some thought it will definitely have practical uses.

3. You can take your PC everywhere you go

As we move more to the cloud, the need for a really powerful computer is diminishing. As small as a smartphone, for example.

Microsoft see a time when your only PC will be your Windows 10 smartphone. You will place your smartphone onto a charging pad and connect wirelessly to the screen, mouse and keyboard.

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