INSIGHT: Why your customers are out of their minds

Your customers’ brains are shrinking for many reasons...

Scientific papers about the shrinking of the size of the human brain are as common at the moment as news on FIFA’s role in squashing an inquiry into Thierry Henry’s famous 2009 handball.

Your customers’ brains are shrinking for many reasons, not just one, but among them is that they externalise more and more of the processing in the Cloud.

There is no reason to learn to read a map, or memorise statistics, or phone numbers, or the time/date/content of a meeting.

No need to be able to detect the weather or know the names of the flowers or the trees.

No need to perform most mathematical calculations or understand even the most elementary parts of an automobile engine, computer schematic or components of any item.

What about calculating risks or weighing multiple options? There are algorithms for the former and Yelp/TripAdvisor/Twitter/Facebook/Google to run the variables for risk and options.

The crowd can tell them how to think and what to consider, or let the barcode or wrist band or smart phone guide them and educate them or prompt them.

The fact is, more and more of their time is spent accessing information that is out of their minds. Minds are left for making decisions, not hunting for the store, item, or solution.

But are you ready for this reality? Are you making sure that they can access all of the decision tools, directions, advice, data about you and your products with a swipe or click or voice prompt?

Or are you still engineered as the paternalistic deliverer of dollops of intelligence, reluctantly and at high cost in terms of money, focus, and customer/employee satisfaction?

Where are your customers and prospects when they are out of their minds? Are you confident that you know the answer? Maybe we ought to run some tests.

By Michael Maoz - VP, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

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