Kiwi entrepreneur brings booming US pre-owned smartphone market to NZ

A Kiwi entrepreneur has brought the booming US pre-owned smartphone market to New Zealand.

A Kiwi entrepreneur has brought the booming US pre-owned smartphone market to New Zealand.

Fraser Webb, founder of GoodTech, wanted to escape the corporate world and saw his opportunity when working in Chicago at a telecommunications company.

There he discovered a growing multi-billion-dollar market for pre-owned smart devices that is expected to be worth $15 billion US dollars globally by 2017.

“We would supply thousands of brand new iPhones and iPads to large American companies and just 12 months later they would be upgraded and all those devices would come back to be sold again,” he says.

In New Zealand pre-owned devices such as iPhones have been regarded with some suspicion. Typically the only place to find a pre-owned iPhone or iPad is from a stranger on TradeMe or a small repair shop.

But according to Webb, that is changing fast.

Returning with his family to New Zealand, Fraser launched GoodTech and discovered the demand for high quality pre-owned devices exists here too.

“It has been less than a year and we are already selling thousands of high quality iPads and iPhones,” he adds. “The response has been incredible.”

Like their American counterparts, New Zealand consumers are realising that they can have the latest technology for less, without any risk.

Not only do they end up with better technology and more money left in their pockets, they are also helping the environment by extending the life cycle of these devices.

“Our point of difference is simple - customer satisfaction is our top priority,” Webb adds. “Every product is high quality, has a full warranty, and people can pop in, talk to us and check out the device before purchasing.

“There are also detailed reviews on our website as well.”

In addition to helping people purchase smart devices for less, there are other positives to GoodTech for Webb and his team.

“We feel good about the positive environmental aspect of what we are doing,” Webb adds.

“We are also looking to partner with an educational charity in the near future to provide low cost iPads for the classroom. We really want to do good with technology.”

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