EXCLUSIVE: VMob discusses the Power of Partnering

VMob CEO Scott Bradley - Microsoft’s top cloud application partner worldwide - reveals how partnering with Redmond accelerated the company’s growth.

Last year at WPC 2014 I listened to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talk about his mobile first, cloud first vision for Microsoft.

Seated right up in the nosebleeds it dawned on me that VMob was already extremely well aligned with Microsoft’s DNA and there was value in pursuing a deeper partnership.

VMob was, after all, born on the cloud in a mobile first world and we’d been part of that story since day one.

Just one year later I am seated in the front row at WPC 2015 being called onto stage by Scott Guthrie, global head of Azure services, to demonstrate how VMob’s partnership with Microsoft is delivering innovation and world-beating results for some of the world’s biggest brands. How did that happen?

Rise to the top

In the last 12 months Microsoft have started taking notice of VMob because the big data processing and storage required to deliver our intelligent personalisation to customers have been generating a lot of extra revenue for their flagship cloud service Azure.

In fact the more customers we signed up to the VMob platform, which is hosted in Azure, the more revenue Microsoft got. With this in mind Microsoft decided it would be a good idea to help us out.

They actually provided us with funding to support our go to market strategy, our sales team and our product roadmap. Microsoft and VMob both really wanted to find out just how far this partnership could take us.

Since WPC 2014, where the partnership was crystalised, we have won a lot of significant business.

We have signed the world’s largest QSR, the world’s largest convenience chain, the world’s largest brewer, the world’s largest furniture retailer and the world’s largest energy provider.

That’s pretty good going for the first 12 months of a new partnership and we are only just getting started.

Microsoft has helped us open doors because we have proven that our product meets the needs of many of their customers. Not just any customers either.

Microsoft introduces us to their biggest enterprise customers because they are the organisations with the most to gain from intelligently personalising their customer experience.

They are also the customers with the resources to do it well and the vision to do it now. In their normal course of business, Microsoft sales teams are taking us along to their meetings.

This is leading to significant extra revenue for VMob and in return we are generating more and more revenue for Microsoft.

Partnering isn’t easy. It requires a huge amount of effort on the part of both companies but it can make an enormous difference to the speed at which each business grows.

Partners with a deep understanding of our DNA can anticipate our needs before we even know they exist.

We can do the same in return and that level of understanding gives us both an advantage that makes for a formidable partnership.

By Scott Bradley - Founder and CEO, VMob

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