INSIGHT: Kiwi firms say customer experience is a “top priority” - but do they really mean it?

Do you really understand your customers, or simply do a great job segmenting them?

Lots of things are critical to delivering a great customer experience (CX).

For instance, do you really understand your customers, or simply do a great job segmenting them?

Do you actively encourage employees to provide feedback and recommendations on CX issues? And do you consistently get back to them on actions taken as a result of their feedback?

The truth is, you need to excel at all these practices to deliver exceptional customer experience. But even if you do, it may still not be enough.

Ultimately, you’ll only excel at CX if you’ve properly aligned your CX strategy with your overall company strategy.

Forrester recently surveyed 52 Australian and New Zealand businesses, and of those surveyed, ninety-eight percent believe that their companies are committed to improving CX.

But only one-third have a CX strategy that’s actually aligned with the overall company strategy. Forrester clients can access the full report here.

That gap, the one between the priorities of the company strategy and the priorities of the CX strategy, is the business equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle; not all ships that enter will find their way out.

Whether you call them consumers, businesses, patients, citizens, or something else entirely, winning, serving and retaining those ‘customers’ must be a primary goal.

And how can you achieve that goal? Ensure your CX strategy is actually aligned with the organisation’s strategy.

If you are one of the almost 70 percent of companies that have not aligned their corporate and CX strategies you are like that ship trying to navigate the Bermuda Triangle on a very dark night, without a compass, or charts.

Don’t be that company.

By Tom McCann - Research Analyst, Forrester Research

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