​Spark Digital unveils faster alternative to fibre installations

Telco launches WAN in a Week, billed as a faster alternative to fibre installation for business customers.

Spark Digital is launching WAN in a Week, billed as a faster alternative to fibre installation for business customers.

Designed as a temporary mobile solution running over 3G, the business division of Spark claims the solution can be used to connect business locations around the country in less than a week, rather than waiting for third party fibre installations.

A WAN is a Wide Area Network used to connect network sites over a wide geographical area and once the fixed service is installed, the telco says WAN in a Week can be turned off, or converted into a Wireless Backup, providing continuity of service.

Spark Digital Head of Networks and Security Greg Bickerton says the company is working on a number of innovations to speed up customer connections.

“Our customers have told us that faster access to our reliable network connectivity is essential to keep their business running, so this product was borne out of our willingness to find a solution that meets their needs,” he says.

“WAN in a week isn’t intended to replace a permanent fixed service, but it was obvious that we could leverage our mobile capability to deliver a faster implementation for clients wanting to connect immediately, and removing our reliance on third party installation time frames.”

Bickerton says WAN in a Week requires a “main network site, good mobile coverage and is easily self-installed.

Once the new router is received at the site, Bickerton says Spark Digital’s team will download configuration on the router and it's ready to go.

WAN in a week over 4G is also being piloted and will be available within the next month, Bickerton adds.

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