Kordia provides optimised Internet access to Azure

Move follows Kordia’s establishment of a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute private connection to Azure in May this year

Kordia is offering its customers access to the Microsoft Azure Peering Service, saying it will provide highly reliable and optimised internet connectivity to Microsoft services.

Kordia says it is an answer for customers wanting to use the Internet to access SaaS services such as Microsoft Office 365 or other SaaS services running on Azure, and enables customers get the best possible Internet traffic routing for optimal and future proof connectivity to Microsoft.

The move follows Kordia’s establishment of a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute private connection to Azure in May this year.

According to Kordia direct peering benefits include service redundancy, high availability, low latency and performance reporting.

“Redundancy is achieved through Kordia’s Microsoft interconnections at geographically diverse locations, with added assurance at each location where failover is supported across two routers. If one is compromised, the other maintains service,” Kordia said.

“High availability is assured through those geographically diverse locations; with traffic taking multiple routes into the Microsoft cloud, there is no single point of failure. And low latency results from the managed shortest network path into Microsoft’s network.

“Further advantages include value add reporting which makes available internet telemetry, route monitoring and alerts against leaks and hijacks. … This allows better understanding of network performance which can support optimised connectivity and service availability.”

Kordia head of product, Murray Goodman said the service enabled Kordia customers using Microsoft services to be ‘on-net’ (on a single network) all the way to the Microsoft cloud. He said Kordia would add the reporting function into its customer portal “in due course”.

"The Microsoft Azure Peering Service provides a further low-latency, high performance option - it’s like your applications are hosted in the room next door," Goodman said.

He described Azure Peering Service as “the ideal internet solution for those organisations seeking additional connectivity options beyond ExpressRoute, which is provided over a private connection.”


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