Lotus to integrate Windows Media into Notes

  • Nancy Weil (Computerworld)
  • 16 September, 1999 12:01

Future versions of Lotus Development's Notes and Domino software will include Microsoft's Windows Media Technologies.

The reason Lotus decided to integrate Microsoft streaming media software is simple: "It's primarily because customers asked for it," said Cliff Reeves, Lotus vice president of product management.

Lotus currently integrates RealNetworks streaming-media software into Notes and Domino, and so figured it should also offer Microsoft's product as well because it is used by a lot of Lotus customers, he added.

The Microsoft software will be offered in various integration levels for end users, developers and content authors, Reeves said. Pricing information has not yet been announced and neither have specific release dates, although he said that the integration will be included in either the next R/5 maintenance update or the one after that.

The software will be integrated using IBM's HotMedia Connect technology.