Telecom plans super-fast broadband rollout

Telecom is to roll out VDSL2 (Very high-speed digital subscriber line 2) broadband in the second quarter of this year.

In a statement announcing the move, posted on the New Zealand Stock Exchange's website today, Telecom Wholesale chief executive Matt Crockett says "We have been testing VDSL2 for several and we're excited to be getting the VDSL 2 rollout underway in key metropolitan centres in New Zealand".

VDSL2 is the second version of VDSL, which was engineered to provide faster broadband over copper wires than the original DSL technology. TelstraClear already offers a VDSL2-based service to business customers; it was launched in October.

The Telecom statement says "VDSL2 is expected to offer customers who live 1km or less from an exchange or roadside cabinet download speeds of up to 50Mbit/s and upload speeds of up to 20Mbit/s".

The service will benefit "those who regularly download large files or use their broadband service for multiple voice, video and other applications", according to the statement.

The rollout will begin in March, Telecom says.

"From March, VDSL2 line cards will be progressively installed into all roadside

cabinets and local telephone exchanges in towns and cities with more than 500 lines."

In the second quarter of the year, "Telecom wholesale will offer service providers a new, dedicated VDSL2 broadband product initially available in key Auckland exchange areas, with roll out to all major cities and towns in the third quarter of the year", the statement reads.