TiVO to become an ISP in Australia

TiVO, the digital video recorder company operated in the Australia and New Zealand region by Seven Network, is becoming an ISP and a provider of downloadable movies.

Last week, Computerworld reported TVNZ was understood to be buying a third share in the Australian operation. TVNZ refused to comment on the report, which caused media and technology commentators to question the strategy behind such a buy - especially as it comes a time when the company is under financial pressure and planning to lay off staff.

Now Australian media are reporting TiVO plans to supply downloadable movies through Blockbuster and VideoEzy as part of an internet service package.

Australian website Digital Media, reports TiVo licensee Hybrid TV CEO Robbee Minicola confirming the company will offer a bundled 24-month data plan priced between A$79-A$99 a month. Customers will receive a TiVo box, and connection equipment as well as an ADSL 2+ connection as part of the plan.

Movie content will be delivered on a pay-per-view basis.

Minicola says he is open to talks with ISPs wanting to bundle the service, but providing unmetered downloads is a prerequisite of any such deals.