Tomizone launches hotspots in China

Local wi-fi service provider expects to have 10,000 hotspots in China by end of year

Auckland-based wi-fi service provider Tomizone has launched over 2,000 wi-fi hotspots in China, the company announced Wednesday.

A partnership with Coordinate Technologies Communications, a system integrator for carriers accessing the Chinese market, has made the foray possible, says Tomizone. The total number of Tomizone hotspots in China is expected to reach 10,000 by the end of the year, according to the company.

International and domestic internet users across China can pay by credit card, or use a Tomizone internet account, to access the wi-fi hotspots run by China Mobile and China Unicom, says Tomizone's chief executive, Steve Simms. These include hotspots at major airports and hotels.

"This is a significant breakthrough into one of the world's fastest growing wi-fi markets and will benefit thousands of customers daily," says Simms.

Arthur Holcombe, VP of business development at Coordinate Technologies, says the company has seen demand for this type of service for some time. "...The Tomizone system made complete sense to us," he says.

The alliance between Tomizone and Coordinate Technologies in China gives Tomizone a strong local presence and platform from which it can continue to grow, says Simms.