Gen-i, Datacom, Microsoft leading government ICT suppliers

Eight percent have 'no open source' policy

The State Services Commission's Government use of ICT Survey 2008 shows Gen-i/Telecom as the leading outsourced ICT provider to government organisations.

Microsoft is rated as the leading software supplier, in terms of estimates of business valued at over NZ$100,000 in the 2009 financial year.

Datacom came second in the outsourcing category in the survey and the combined HP/EDS third. IBM was fourth while Unisys made fifth place.

In software, Oracle came second to Microsoft, followed by IBM, SAP and Eagle Technology.

Fifty-seven percent of organisations that responded to this survey reported they have a policy of considering open source software and 8% had a policy of preferring it. A further 8%, however, had a policy of not using it at all.

In more than half of responding organisations, up to 20% of servers had open source software. In more than a third of responding organisations, up to 20% of desktops had open source software other than operating system or 'Office' suite software.

Mostly, open source software is supported by internal staff (40% of respondents), but others use both internal and external staff (24%) or exclusively external staff (23%). Larger organisations were more likely to use exclusively internal support.