Website launched to tackle cyber crime

NetSafe teams up with Police, ComCom and other govt agencies

A catch-all web site for complaints about potential online crime has been developed by NetSafe, New Zealand’s online safety organisation.

The ORB (Online Reporting Button) is supported by Internal Affairs, the Commerce Commission, NZ Police, Customs and the Privacy Commissioner.

Complaints, which can be anonymous, will be reviewed by NetSafe, then passed on to the correct enforcement agency.

NetSafe executive director Martin Cocker says the ORB is a necessary addition to New Zealand’s cyber safety and security initiatives.

“No one expects to get caught up in or witness a cyber crime, and when they do, they often don’t know where to turn. The ORB provides them with a single place to go.”

The site covers such areas as: objectionable material; online traders breaching the Fair Trading Act; privacy breaches; scams or frauds; computer system attacks; spam; child pornography; and offending against children. There is a click-through window for people who are unsure where they should complain.

The site was launched last night by Police Commissioner Howard Broad and Consumer Affairs Minister Heather Roy.