Google sued for patent infringement

AdWords, youtube among areas targeted

GraphOn, a developer of server-based application publishing and web-enabling software, has filed a lawsuit alleging that Google's Base, AdWords, Sites and YouTube services infringe on four GraphOn patents.

The suit alleges that the Google products infringe on patents that protect GraphOn's "unique method of maintaining an automated and network accessible database", according to a statement from GraphOn. The suit seeks permanent injunctive relief and unspecified damages.

Google could not be reached for comment.

GraphOn obtained two of the patents and the applications that resulted in the other two patents as part of its acquisition of Networking Engineering Software in February 2005, it says.

"The number of patents now owned by GraphOn as a result of the NES acquisition has increased to 23, a number that is expected to continue to increase as patent applications on file at the U.S. Patent and trademark Office mature into issued patents," says Robert Dilworth, GraphOn's CEO, in the statement. "Aggressively protecting the technology represented in these patents is an important part of maximizing their value to GraphOn", he says.

In November 2005, GraphOn sued AutoTrader for allegedly infringing on two of the patents outlined in the Google lawsuit. A licence agreement ended that lawsuit in January 2008.

GraphOn also filed a lawsuit in August 2007 against Juniper Networks, claiming infringement of patents that protect network security and firewall technologies. In March, GraphOn filed lawsuits against Classified Ventures, Interactive,, Yahoo, and CareerBuilder claiming infringement on the same patents cited in the lawsuit against Google.