Kiwi developer ports Java games to the iPhone

Innaworks beats iPhone Java ban with beta software
  • Jonny Evans (Unknown Publication)
  • 09 April, 2008 22:00

New software designed to automatically port Java-based games to the iPhone has been revealed by Wellington-based Innaworks.

The developer has introduced a beta version of the software, which aims to respond to demands for Java support on the iPhone by at least ensuring developers can tweak their titles to run on Apple's platform.

As described, the application is designed to instantly port a standard Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME) mobile game to iPhone and iPod touch without the need for further manual adjustments.

The alcheMo for iPhone beta testing period has commenced and the company is inviting developers to participate by signing up to try the software on the company website.

"With the expected introduction of iPhone's AppStore in June, iPhone is emerging as a serious gaming platform," Stephen Cheng, CEO of Innaworks says. "We are amazed by the effectiveness of the touch screen and accelerometer on enhancing gaming experience.

"We expect the early backers among game publishers to significantly benefit from their first mover advantage. alcheMo for iPhone will help mobile game publishers to reach the eagerly awaiting gamers with quality games on iPhone and iPod touch."

AlcheMo for iPhone incorporates a patent-pending optimising translator to convert Java ME application source code to equivalent application source code for iPhone.