New Samsung hard drive

iPods will be able to use it
  • Jonny Evans (Unknown Publication)
  • 26 August, 2007 22:00

Samsung has introduced a 160GB-capacity 1.8inch hard drive that can be used in portable devices, including iPods.

Samsung's new Spinpoint N2 160GB drive runs at 4,200rpm. 160GB is sufficient for 40,000 MP3 files or 100 HD quality movies.

The company expects the new drives to see use in the video camcorder, MP3 and PMP markets. Apple already deploys 1.8-inch drives inside its existing iPods.

"The 1.8-inch HDD market will grow at a tremendous pace with annual sales expected to increase up to 65% by 2010 as consumers demand smaller, more compact technology devices," says Andrew Higginbotham, Samsung's director of hard drive sales and marketing.

The company says it will continue to develop new storage technology for the mobile consumer and entertainment markets.