RAD Studio XE5 supports development for Android, multiple form factors

Makes it possible to deliver connected mobile computing on multiple client operating systems

The launch this week of RAD Studio XE5 takes Embarcadero into the Android world. It follows XE4, released just four months ago, which provided support for iOS apps.

Embarcadero now has a multi-device application platform that makes it possible for developers to deliver connected mobile computing on multiple client operating systems and device form factors.

The vendor said in a recent briefing the release was “huge”. It was about a local app that needed to run on Android and iOS and Windows in both tablet and smartphone form factors.

Developers can now develop for multiple form factors and operating systems with a single source code base. They can code to the base and compile discrete binaries for the operating systems. The binaries are fully native, with no runtimes or scripting involved.

RAD Studio XE5 is based on Borland Delphi, which Embarcadero bought back in 2008. Delphi itself, which is based on Pascal, was released in 1995. It’s still used by insurance companies in New Zealand.

“We’re looking forward to this next release of Delphi and the ability to move our existing iPad and iPhone apps to the Android platform, says Martin Searancke, of Auckland software company Dream Solutions.

“As a company, we have in the past developed apps for both, using the recommended XCode and Eclipse, but with Delphi we will finally be able to have a single source code for all devices.

“Our main focus in on real-time software , which is heavily reliant on proprietary network protocols, so a native-compiled binary is the only way for us to go.

"We have found that the Java world of Android is very difficult to create the apps we want because of language limitations such as strongly typed variables that make it next to impossible to define protocol structures. In Delphi, none of these problems exist.”