Asia sings Samsung’s praises as Apple falls by wayside

"This is a test of brand image, we ask consumers which names they hold in highest esteem."

Samsung Electronics has been named the best brand in Asia in 2015 for the fourth year in a row, defeating close industry rivals Apple, Sony, Panasonic and LG.

That’s according to results from ‘Asia’s Top 1000 Brands’ annual online survey conducted by Campaign Asia-Pacific in collaboration with Nielsen.

Samsung is also ranked top-five in at least 14 consumer electronics sub-categories and besides smartphones, it also leads in mobile phones, refrigerators and TVs.

The ranking - which aggregates views across 14 major product categories including automotive, retail, F&B and consumer electronics - is based on consumer insights, and offers a clear measure of the most highly regarded brand names today.

“What makes Campaign and Nielsen’s annual ranking such a great barometer of brand strength is that it focuses on the consumer,” says Jason Wincuinas, Managing Editor, Campaign Asia-Pacific.

“We don’t consider stock prices, revenue gains or sales volume. This is a test of brand image, we ask consumers which names they hold in highest esteem.

“We want to know what the top brand in Asia is, so we make it simple; we ask Asia. And for the past four years, Asia has said Samsung is number one.”

Samsung topped a list featuring six technology companies in the Top 10, with Sony, Apple, Panasonic, LG, Canon, coming in at 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th respectively.

Meanwhile, fellow industry rivals Google, Facebook, HP and Microsoft trailed off at 13th, 20th, 22nd and 35th respectively.

“Samsung Electronics is proud to be voted as the best brand in Asia for the fourth consecutive year,” says Irene Ng, Vice President, Marketing, Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia & Oceania.

“Just ten years ago, we were ranked as 15th best brand in Asia. Samsung’s rise to the top in Asia has not come about by chance.

“Our brand resonates positively with consumers because we understand what consumers in the region want.

“Our deep consumer insights and relentless drive to innovate allow us to stay ahead of dynamic market demands, technological changes, and localised consumer needs across different countries in Southeast Asian and Oceania.”