Kiwi Internet Provider launches exclusive Netflix NZ device

“We listened to feedback from our customers, went looking for a solution and found one."

New Zealand Netflix users can now save time, money and their data allowances thanks to NightShift, a device available exclusively from Kiwi internet provider Wireless Nation.

NightShift pre-loads Netflix in advance meaning Kiwis can watch shows and movies in full HD using standard Netflix players.

Wireless Nation’s technical director, Tom Linn says the solution stemmed from offering an alternative to customers frustrated with slow internet speeds due to congestion at peak times.

“We listened to feedback from our customers, went looking for a solution and found one,” Linn says.

“NightShift is ideal for people living in rural areas struggling with small data caps, or for those urban dwellers whose internet connection isn’t fast enough to stream in HD during peak hours.

“For Wireless Nation’s rural customers, this is a great saver because they can pre-load Netflix shows and movies at night, using their free off peak data.”

Linn says NightShift will soon be available directly for Wireless Nation customers and also to ISPs keen to resolve this issue for their own users.

“ISP’s will appreciate that NightShift can help reduce congestion; managing traffic volumes through user’s ability to ‘time shift’ their Netflix usage during off peak times,” he adds.

For Gerrit Nagelhout, CEO, Aterlo Networks, NightShift extends the reach of content providers by delivering content into the homes of people with limited broadband access.

“This makes it possible for people to enjoy these services that would not otherwise be able to,” he adds.

“We are excited to have Wireless Nation join our network of 200 distribution partners, and be able to offer this to customers and ISP’s within New Zealand and Australia.”

NightShift comes in the form of a dual-band router that plugs into the back of current routers, with the NightShift technology installed into the router so it’s ready to use immediately.