​Purchase plans unveiled as IT executives warm to Internet of Things

“We found high adoption rates and unique expectations across new and existing customers."

Nearly a third (31 per cent) of IT executives, in particular business intelligence (BI) software customers, use analytics capabilities for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, with 45 per cent planning to purchase their first IoT analytics solution in the next two years.

Technology Business Research surveyed BI users to see how they leverage analytics software in concert with IoT devices, finding high adoption rates across enterprise.

“We found high adoption rates and unique expectations across new and existing customers,” says Andrew Smith, Software Analyst, TBR.

“Our report identifies leading software and services vendors and the unique strategies they employ to win.”

Smith says most customers look first to their BI solutions providers to add IoT analytics, and their purchase decisions are heavily influenced by whether the solutions are tailored to their infrastructure and industry vertical.

High expectations for business value from IoT analytics investments drive demand for a professional services partner to help choose, integrate and manage IoT analytics solutions.

“Customers have varying buying needs depending on their IoT adoption stage and role within the organisation,” adds Jennifer Hamel, Professional Services Analyst, TBR.

“Vendors with a combination of technical and domain expertise and the ability to discuss IoT in the context of broader BI and analytics initiatives will be best positioned to attract new buyers.”