​Top performing Waikato Cyber Security student heads to Interpol

“We’re a small country, but we’re at the forefront of a lot of technology in the security space."
Shaun Stricot-Tarboton

Shaun Stricot-Tarboton

Seven students from the University of Waikato and one student from Wintec are amongst 152 from around New Zealand who have been awarded the 2015 Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia.

One such Kiwi is Shaun Stricot-Tarboton, who is studying his Masters in Cyber Security at Waikato University, and is currently completing a 12-week internship at Interpol’s Global Complex for Innovation in Singapore - a research and development facility.

“In my research I’m creating a classification system for attacks that specifically target the protocols in secure browsing - like banking or online shopping - for New Zealand’s security sector,” Stricot-Tarboton says.

“We’re a small country, but we’re at the forefront of a lot of technology in the security space.

“To have the opportunity to learn somewhere like Interpol; to get access to their private resources and security experts is going to be career-changing for me and will contribute to my thesis enormously.”

While in Asia, the Kiwi students aim to establish enduring relationships and networks that will help them to succeed in the global economy.

“Education relationships are two-way and having smart capable New Zealand students studying in Asia is very valuable in building capability and building relationships for New Zealand's future,” adds Peter Bull, General Manager of International, Education New Zealand.

Now in its third year, this fifth round of scholarships takes the total number of recipients to 617.