Vodafone opens new high tech and green South Island headquarters

Vodafone has become the anchor tenant in Christchurch’s Innovation Precinct

Vodafone has opened new South Island headquarters, dubbed InnoV8, at 213-221 Tuam St, Christchurch. The telco claims it is the “most technologically advanced office workplace in New Zealand.”

Vodafone has become the anchor tenant in the city’s Innovation Precinct. Its 8900 square-metre building will house 350 staff. It comprises five levels of office space, a Vodafone Concept Store and cafes, and Vodafone’s global start-up accelerator programme Vodafone xone – one of seven around the world.

Vodafone CEO, Russell Stammers, said: “InnoV8 has been designed in a way that inspires and enables people to achieve more through mobile technology. Having technology-enabled work practices, and environments that bring people together for enhanced idea sharing and collaboration, is the future for more productive teams and ultimately results in better business.”

Stammers added: “InnoV8 has been designed to promote natural ventilation and light for the well-being of our staff, and to conserve water and energy for the sake of the planet.”

In InnoV8 the swipe cards widely used to grant access to corporate offices have been replaced with “passports” stored on smartphones. The technology also enables visitors to commence visitor registration from 500 metres away, and have a name badge and the person they are coming to visit waiting for them when they arrive at reception.

Smartphones also act as control consoles for presentations, which can take place in any of InnoV8’s 24 digitally enabled meeting rooms. “Team members and guests have the ability to play presentations wirelessly through their smartphones, meaning no more ‘technical difficulties’ working out which cables are required for what,” Vodafone says. “Charging pads are attached to each individual workstation, so there is less time wasted tracking down a spare charger when smart phone batteries are running low.”

The building has achieved a 5 Green Star Design rating from the New Zealand Green Building Council. Vodafone says this is independent certification of InnoV8’s many green features, including sustainable design principles and waste reduction.

The Green Building Council said; “The building boasts, among other features, passive solar design and a high-performance façade to maximise daylight while balancing heat levels; an integrated fit-out design to reduce waste; and a highly efficient ventilation system that brings in outdoor air at a rate 50 percent above what’s required by Building Code, to provide a healthier indoor environment for staff.”