Access4 ops for Dubber: Cloud call recording for cloud

Access4’s UCaaS service, dubbed SABOSS was launched earlier this year
  • Stuart Corner (Computerworld New Zealand)
  • 17 August, 2016 11:03

Access4, a provider of unified communications as a service, has opted to offer its customers a cloud-based call recording service from ASX-listed Dubber (ASX: DUB).

According to Dubber, it was selected by Access4 for its ability to scale from a single user to tens of thousands of users and for its ease of integration with Access4’s BroadSoft platform.

Access4’s UCaaS service, dubbed SABOSS was launched earlier this year. It provided through resellers and, according to Access4 , its ease of use is a key market differentiator, allowing systems integrators to quickly design their own product offerings, which can be tailored to businesses as small as two users, or scale to thousands of users.

There are several companies in Australia offering BroadSoft-based communications services, including Gen-i, but Access4 claims to be “an exclusive BroadSoft provider of unified communications (UC) as a service to independent systems integrators and call centres in Australia and New Zealand.”

Access4’s sales and marketing director, Ruy Franco, said: “Dubber has a proven, seamless integration with BroadSoft and an open API platform enabling Access4’s partners to provision and retrieve call recording through SASBOSS.”

Dubber claims to be the world’s most scalable call recording service, which “enables telcos and customers to think about capturing voice data in a way which they have never previously considered.”

Dubber was founded in May 2011 in Melbourne and launched in November 2013 with its stated aim being “to revolutionise the stagnant landscape of unified communications and specifically how call recording is achieved within it.” It listed on the ASX in March 2015 and in May that year was accredited by BroadSoft as a carrier recording solution.