2degrees chooses Chorus for national 100Gbps backhaul net

First nationwide customer for Chorus’ 100Gbps backhaul service
  • Stuart Corner (Computerworld New Zealand)
  • 09 August, 2017 11:29

2degrees has become the first nationwide customer for Chorus’ 100Gbps backhaul service, with the announcement of a multiyear contract to use Chorus as its primary provider of national backhaul capacity.  

The network will provide connectivity to UFB points of presence and all major data centres across the country and to 2degrees’ international network, which includes points of presence in Los Angeles, San Jose and Sydney. 2degrees said it would create “a fully diverse and highly resilient network that transports voice and data worldwide.”

  2degrees’ chief fixed officer, Mark Petrie, said the agreement would allow 2degrees to support its customers across all market segments as data usage in corporate, broadband and mobile continues to grow rapidly.

“By combining 100Gbps links into our network we’re future proofing our ability to support the ever-increasing data demands of the country’s largest enterprises, for whom having this capability is critical,” he said.