Vodafone offers instant fixed broadband via cellular

Launches Ultra Hub Plus

New customers signing up to Vodafone’s Ultimate Home Fibre plan will be able to get immediate internet access via the Vodafone mobile network until their fibre service is activated, using a new customer unit, the Ultra Hub Plus.

The unit will also provide a backup connection via the Vodafone mobile network allowing customers to stay connected in the event a fault affects their fibre service. Once the fault is repaired, the modem will automatically switch back to fibre.

The offer is available only to new to Vodafone customers signing up to an Ultimate Home Fibre plan for a 12 month term, and Vodafone says the mobile connection will be available only in 4G/3G coverage areas “with sufficient capacity” available. Speeds will be capped at 12Mbps downstream, 6Mbps upstream. It will not support Vodafone voice telephony.

Vodafone Australia launched a similar service last year. The Ultra Hub Plus looks very similar to the Vodafone Australia unit, which is supplied by Technicolor.