Vodafone brings in X-men (and women) to help customers

Invests $10m in new customer service team
  • Stuart Corner (Computerworld New Zealand)
  • 11 September, 2019 10:12

Vodafone says it will invest $10m to create an elite team of customer service staff, dubbed the X Squad, to deal with complex customer queries that technology alone cannot resolve.

Vodafone CEO Jason Paris said the move followed a trial of the concept in Christchurch, and from October customers with complex enquiries would be “escalated to a dedicated team of multi-skilled experts empowered to deliver next-level care for the trickiest of problems.”

He said the X Squad was one of several investment in customer service improvements that included consolidating offshore call-centre partners and working with Tech Mahindra to set up a new service centre of excellence in Christchurch, alongside Vodafone service teams in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.”

The X Squad will be made up of current Vodafone customer service staff and agents from Tech Mahindra and Probe, with team members based in Auckland or Christchurch.

Paris said it would lighten the load on existing call-centre teams in New Zealand and offshore, freeing them up to improve responsiveness to less complex customer enquiries.

“The X Squad will complement our current customer services, including existing call centres, Vodafone Ninjas, live-chat, social support and app self-services, by adding an extra ‘layer’ of customer support with a different skill-set to traditional call centre roles.

“As well as looking after the trickiest problems, they will actively monitor for issues and proactively contact customers if needed.

“They will search for any patterns that might be a systemic problem, and feed insights into other teams responsible for root cause fixes.”