Stories by Sumner Lemon

China faced with severe botnet problem

China faces a serious threat from botnets, networks of computers infected with software that allows them to be controlled remotely for denial-of-service attacks and to send spam, according to a report issued by China's National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team (CNCERT).

Intel dual-core processor

Intel is shipping a dual-core Celeron processor, the first low-end desktop processor from the company to ship with two cores.

New Intel server

Intel has developed a white-box blade server based on standardised components, instead of the specialised parts usually used to produce such systems.

Alibaba making final preparations for IPO

Chinese e-commerce company is making final preparations for an initial public offering of shares on the Hong Kong stock exchange, set for Nov. 6. But most of the proceeds will go to existing shareholders rather than into the company's coffers to fund future acquisitions and other plans.

DoCoMo considers e-paper

NTT DoCoMo engineers are tinkering with the use of e-paper for cellphones, hoping to develop a keypad that changes icons depending on which application is being used.

Linux with less watts

Intel has announced an open-source project called, which aims to improve the power efficiency of the Linux operating system and applications.