Stories by Martha Heller

Start Recruiting IT Talent Now

To lure top tech students into the enterprise, CIOs must sell youth on the idea that Silicon Valley isn't the only place where IT is fun.

Skills for the CIO Class of 2015

IT management is changing. Here are some of the types of experience and knowledge that companies will be looking for in their CIOs.

Busting CIO myths

Welcome to IT MythBusters, where we take your most cherished beliefs about IT and rake them over the coals. In this edition, we feature Jeanne Ross, director of MIT's Center for Information Systems Research and co-author of books on enterprise architecture, governance and IT value. Enjoy.

Moving past old technology to new value

As CIO, you are out in front of your company, thinking through trends in market conditions, technology innovation and customer behavior. Sales and marketing leaders are out there with you. But unlike them, you are tethered by the cement footprint of data center, hardware and software choices made in a different computing age. Those decisions weigh heavily on how flexible, scalable, innovative and cost-effective you can now be.

IT marching orders for the next administration

FRAMINGHAM (01/20/2004) - To complement CIO's coverage of this year's presidential election, we asked members of the CIO Best Practice Exchange to take a survey on federal IT policy. Ninety-four members -- who are all senior-level IT executives of midsize to large organizations -- responded during a two-week period in November. Here is what they had to say about technology policy.