Stories by Shane O'Neill

Can Windows 8 Give Developers What iOS and Android Lack?

Microsoft's future hinges on attracting developers to build Windows 8 apps. But by offering financial incentives, supporting a range of programming languages and allowing developers to write code once for multiple devices, those developers may soon follow.

Windows 8 tablets in the enterprise: The pros and cons

In the two and a half years since the release of the first-generation iPad, tablets of various shapes and sizes have sparked a revolution among consumers, who are now no longer afraid to take their touch-enabled tablets to work.

Tablets and Mobile App Resuscitate UK Hospital's Workflow

Nottingham University Hospital is the fourth largest hospital in the UK, but until its recent investment in tablets and a mobile app it was still relying on PCs, Excel spreadsheets, pagers and phone calls to coordinate staff assignments.

4 ways to manage your online reputation

This Saturday, Jan. 28, is Data Privacy Day. DPD, as it's known, is a day to "increase awareness of privacy and data protection issues among consumers, organizations and government officials and help industry, academia, and advocates to highlight consumer privacy efforts."

Sprint Calls on Microsoft Lync, Saves Big with UC

Sprint may still be a phone company, but you won't see many desk phones in house these days. In fact, Sprint's IT group has spent the last few years eliminating its PBX systems in favor of headsets plugged into laptops.

Windows Intune 2.0: Four new features

Windows Intune, Microsoft's Web-based PC management and security platform, may not get the same level of attention as cloud services like Office 365 or Windows Azure, but Microsoft is betting big on Intune to be the cloud service that will facilitate IT's evolving job of remotely managing PCs.

Browsing and privacy: How to not get tracked

If you're old enough to remember the Cold War, you know what an arms race is. One side comes up with a new weapon, the other side matches it, and then the first comes back with something even bigger and so on and so on. That also describes the ongoing battle between computer users who value their privacy and the Web sites and their advertisers that don't.

The Best 2011 Windows 7 Laptops for Work and Play

The iPad and other tablets are transforming personal computing, but most of the world still uses laptops for business and pleasure, and 90 percent of them run Windows. Here are the coolest high-end laptops released in 2011 that take advantage of Windows 7's networking, security and UI features.

Will Skype be another Microsoft license gotcha?

After Microsoft acquired Skype earlier this month for $8.5 billion, most of the questions revolved around how Skype's IM, voice and video calling features will fit into Microsoft enterprise products such as Outlook and Lync.