Stories by David Braue

Dealing with enterprise storage in the zettabyte era

The annual World Backup Day, which came and went on March 31 without much fanfare, is designed as a reminder for good data hygiene. Yet for companies where backup is not only good hygiene but crucial to the survival of the business, each successive event is a stark reminder that the overwhelming flood of data is only getting stronger.

DevOps: The right tools, the right teams

Just as accepted definitions of what DevOps entails have morphed and grown over the years, so too have the toolsets and management approaches employed to build and manage a DevOps culture within the organisation.

Nearly 7% of ANZ PCs face XP-related security exposure: Trend Micro

Companies in Australia and New Zealand are well ahead of world pace in moving away from Windows XP – which is widely expected to become a security nightmare once Microsoft discontinues updates for the platform next Monday – but hundreds of thousands of regional PCs are still running the operating system, according to new statistics from Trend Micro.

Mobiles, human error hitting business security posture: CompTIA

Human error remains the biggest moderate concern for IT administrators but is losing ground to malware, hacking, cloud computing, and social engineering on the security-threat leaderboard, recent figures from industry association CompTIA have revealed.

Android, 4G mobiles leading infection surge: Alcatel-Lucent

Mobiles on 4G networks comprise the lion's share of the more than 11.6 million mobile devices infected with malware at any given time, with the rate of mobile infection soaring ahead of infections of fixed-broadband users, according to new research into malware infections released by Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary Kindsight.

Analyses reveal 2013's most conspicuous phishing giveaways

Global volumes of phishing emails dropped significantly in 2013 compared with 2012 – but that's only because today's phishing attempts are smaller and better-targeted, according to security vendors offering end-of-year warnings about 2013's most risk-prone emails and celebrities.

Cyber-attacks more likely than water crises: WEF

Cyber-attacks have outrated nearly every other type of threat in a risk assessment published by the World Economic Forum, reiterating the importance of proactive security measures over the next 10 years.