Stories by James Niccolai

Sun Asks Court to Reinstate Java Injunction

Sun Microsystems Inc. and Microsoft Corp. were back in court Friday, where Sun urged the reinstatement of an injunction requiring Microsoft in its products to use a version of Java that passes Sun's compatibility tests.

Microsoft to launch shopping wallet for consumers

Microsoft will launch a new service called Passport Wallet, which allows consumers to store credit card, billing and other information at a single location and use it to shop at multiple online stores.

Sun Outlines Plan for Powerful Multimedia Chip

Sun Microsystems Inc. is developing a powerful microprocessor that will be capable of transmitting video, audio and graphics in real time over broadband networks, officials said.
Bill Joy, a Sun founder and the company's chief scientist, positioned the chip as a powerful engine for running new multimedia applications expected to emerge as broadband Internet access becomes more widespread among businesses and consumers. Joy made his comments in a speech Tuesday at the Microprocessor Forum in San Jose, California.

Apple warns of Q4 shortfall, cites G4 shortage

Apple Computer warned yesterday that profits and sales for its fourth fiscal quarter will fall short of those a year ago. The company cited problems meeting demand for its recently announced Power Mac G4 computers.