Stories by James Niccolai

Chip ID number continues to plague Intel

Just days prior to the release of Intel's new Pentium III processor and concerns over its unique identification serial number are widening. One German PC publication claims to have devised a method for activating and reading the serial number without the computer user's knowledge or consent

Internet2 network poised for launch

Internet2, a project expected to help dramatically improve the Internet, will take a big leap forward this month with the launch in the US of a high-speed, coast-to-coast network. Known as Abilene, the network will act as an important test-bed for developing a new generation of Internet applications and services.

Intel to pull out stops for Pentium III demo

Intel will gather hundreds of industry partners and pull out all the stops at an event scheduled for February 17 in San Jose, where the chip giant will show off the multimedia prowess of its forthcoming Pentium III processor to media and analysts.
"This will probably be the largest thing we've ever put on, the largest thing we'll do all year," an Intel spokeswoman said. "It's going to be an amazing show."

Gates donates $US3.3 billion to charity

Microsoft Chairman and CEO Bill Gates has made a $US3.345 billion endowment to help line the pockets of two of his charity foundations, a spokeswoman for Gates' philanthropy group said last Friday.

Inprise restructures, reports revenue dip

Enterprise software and tools vendor Inprise this week announced plans to restructure itself into two separate operating divisions, called Inprise and The move will involve reducing by 20 per cent its global workforce of about 950 employees, Inprise said