Stories by James Niccolai

National Semi puts scanner on a chip

National Semiconductor has announced it has developed an integrated circuit that squeezes virtually all of the electronics needed for a colour image scanner onto a single silicon chip smaller than a thumbnail

MS/DoJ: Trial focus to switch to Java

The US Government in its antitrust case against Microsoft will call Java creator James Gosling to the witness stand next week, shifting the focus of the trial to Microsoft's alleged misuse of Sun's programming language, sources close to the case have revealed

Intel to replace flawed motherboards

Intel has been alerted to a glitch in some of its desktop motherboards which has left some recent PC buyers unable to boot up their machines, a company spokesman confirmed.
The problem affects Intel's SE 440BX-2 motherboards, which are designed for use with Pentium II-based desktop PC systems, Intel spokesman Robert Manetta said.

MS/DoJ: witness says IE is separate product

A US Government witness due to take the stand today in the antitrust trial against Microsoft argues in a written deposition release that most people view Internet Explorer and Windows as two separate products

Judge may rule soon in Sun-Microsoft hearing

More evidence in Sun Microsystems' Java lawsuit against Microsoft was unsealed by a California district court today, paving the way for the judge overseeing the case to make a ruling on Sun's request for a preliminary injunction.

Intel to offer new chip design

Intel has sketched out its microprocessor road map, including plans for a new 32-bit microarchitecture which over time will replace the current P6 design on which the Pentium II processor is based.