Stories by Ulrika Hedquist

Security breaches steadily increasing

Over 87% of Kiwi organisations report having experienced some kind of security incident, according to the 2005 New Zealand Computer Crime and Security Survey — the first survey of its kind in this country.

Back to school: Patchlink keeps Kristin’s PC fleet afloat

Kristin School in Albany, Auckland, has around 1,700 students, ranging from kindergarten to Year 13. The school has a fleet of 1,400 PCs, of which almost 1,100 are laptops, and the school intranet allows students to upload assessments and have them reviewed online.

Asia-Pacific 100% hit rate – financial institutions walloped by online attackers, says Deloitte

Financial institutions around the world experienced an increase in the number of online attacks during the past year, according to the 2006 Deloitte Global Security Survey. Globally 78% — up from 26% in 2005 — experienced security attacks from outside the organisation. Remarkably, every single respondent from the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Japan, said they had experienced at least one information security breach in the last 12 months, compared with 16% last year.

Aussie cybercrime attacks decrease, but ID theft a problem

The number of electronic attacks in Australia is decreasing, according to the 2006 Australian Computer Crime and Security Survey. Twenty-two percent of respondents experienced attacks in the past year, compared with 35% in 2005 and 49% in 2004.

Airways takes Total Control, wooden planeshow on the wires

Air traffic control students at Airways New Zealand’s training centre used to use a mechanical simulator, made up of runways painted onto ping-pong tables and sewing machine engines which drove wooden aircraft suspended on wires, to practise their skills.

Taking care of city events

City Care has developed its own event management software which has both lifted service levels and provides a single view of a current contract – even to those out in the field.

FSS gets the job done

Genesis Energy used to have a huge problem with human error and incomplete work orders, but automating work with Field Services System (FSS) is getting the job done much better.

E-crime centre to fight cyber-crims

New Zealand Police plan TO SET up a high-tech crime reporting centre, in partnership with other government agencies, such as CCIP (Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection) and DIA (Department of Internal Affairs), says Maarten Kleintjes, head of the New Zealand Police Electronic Crime Laboratory.

Poorly-stored credit card data a risk: Visa

Visa International says merchants should take a greater responsibility for credit card security, for example by complying with the security standards in the Account Information Security programme (AIS). This is sponsored by Visa and run by Visa’s member banks. However, uptake among merchants in New Zealand, especially small-and medium-sized ones, has been slow, says Iain Jamieson, Visa International’s New Zealand country manager.