Stories by Ulrika Hedquist

Autosure insures rapid turnaround

Autosure, which provides warranty and credit insurance to the New Zealand car industry, has set up a quick turnaround web-based internet policy system for car dealers and other agents for processing car warranty insurance.

Queen Charlotte students mussel-in on sea squirt

Aquaculture Academy students at Picton’s Queen Charlotte College are using a Remotely-Operated Vehicle (ROV) to see if the sea squirt, which has invaded nearby Shakespeare Bay, is damaging mussel beds.

Ditzy tricks hit cybercrims

Next time your company hires a chatty young woman for whatever role, it may pay to check the contents of her handbag. Find an iPod, a couple of USB flash drives and a Bluetooth dongle and you could have a security problem on your hands.

MetService weathers changes

To meet customer demand for customisation, timeliness and convenience, MetService, which provides weather and information presentation services, has developed a weather information presentation engine (WISE).

No dog days for vets any more

SVS Veterinary Supplies conducted a customer survey in 2004 to find ways to improve customer service. The survey found the veterinary-goods supply chain was not up to date with the latest information and communication technology. Typically, vets would either phone or fax through orders — a system that is both time-consuming and prone to human error.

Trainee pilots fly high with SimPilot

Painted runways on ping-pong tables and sewing-machine engines driving wooden aircraft suspended on wires — this was what passed for a simulator at Airways New Zealand’s training centre for air traffic control students.

Virtual success for the Open Polytechnic

The development of open source application software for education is at the heart of the New Zealand Open Source Virtual Learning Environment (NZOSVLE) entry in this year’s Excellence in the use of IT in education tertiary and commercial category.

Watch the skies

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope project is sure to stretch local definitions of broadband should the project go ahead.

ICTNZ WITless when it comes to women

The proposed ICTNZ alliance, a new umbrella organisation for New Zealand’s ICT sector, seems to have forgotten to include one of the major IT lobby groups in the industry, Women in Technology.