Stories by Tom Sullivan

Cheaper virtualisation becoming a reality

VMware has unwrapped the latest version of its Virtual Infrastructure — re-christened as vSphere 4.0 — and detailed a new pricing structure that might make IT shops consider more ways to reap virtualisation's bounty.

Can Oracle make sense of Sun's hardware?

 When <a href="">Oracle bought Sun Microsystems</a> on Monday it took a leap into the hardware realm. And so the question: Can software-centric database and applications vendor Oracle succeed with Sun's hardware business?<br/>

Cisco, NetApp join up on Unified Computing System

Looking to plug NetApp wares into Cisco's grand datacenter vision-in-progress, the two companies on Thursday detailed a partnership that fills a key piece of Cisco's Unified Computing System: storage.<br/>

If IBM and Sun merge, watch out Oracle and SAP

IBM and Sun Microsystems are <a href="">said to be in acquisition talks</a>, and if such a deal actually happens, it could change the course of not only IBM's but Oracle's and SAP's use of Java.

McAfee builds SaaS arm

McAfee on Monday announced that it has rolled its SaaS security offerings into a new business unit.

Analysts name recession-proof IT areas

No company is immune from the economy's ebb and flow. So it's no surprise that, in the face of a fearsome downturn, IT shops are scrambling to figure out where they should cut.

Go with the flow of user-installed apps: analysts

It's a classic case of mine versus yours: Users are downloading a crop of new and often unsanctioned programs onto their PCs, bypassing IT's careful management discipline. Although user-downloaded apps are nothing new, they're now streaming onto business PCs at a fever pitch -- bolstered by the automatic updating common to many apps and by the trend of apps self-installing when needed by a browser. These have joined the familiar parade of personal apps users just can't seem to live without at work, such as instant messaging and iTunes.

ArcSight injects data mining into security

ArcSight Inc. this week detailed a new software product, TruThreat Discovery, that combines data mining technology with security to more effectively evaluate security threats.

Citrix looks to make access strategic

Under what CEO Mark Templeton called "a new Citrix," the company detailed plans and products Tuesday to transform access into a strategic forethought, rather than a mere afterthought.

ITXPO - Security in CEO spotlight

ORLANDO (10/24/2003) - Three of the IT industry's top CEOs have claimed that security is a manageable challenge, despite lingering problems, including the obstacles posed by Web services.